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  • ¥4,000

    Local shrimp you can hardly get outside of HOKKAIDO. The rich tasting and flavourful shrimp boiled quickly on the boat right after fishing. Then freeze quickly to keep the freshness and taste inside.

  • ¥8,500

    7.0KG= Around 20-30 scallops

    Our scallops are harvested of Hokkaido recognized as a premium scallop species for their sweet flavor and an amazing texture. The convergence of a warm current (the Kuroshio) with a cold one (the Oyashio) pull planktons and nutrients into the feeding area resulting in superior conditions for the Hokkaido scallops to thrive. Once you visit Hokkaido this is must to try.

  • ¥11,500

    King Crab Legs are already cooked when you get delivered as we boiled by  “Steam boiled process” and  keep freshness and sweet meat. So you don’t have to do any complicated things to eat! We prepare everything perfect for you to eat right after delivered.